Cove Park, Scotland

In 2017 I took part in a residency at Cove Park where I continued my lichen and geology research.

Finland Residency

In 2016 I took part in a 3 week residency in Finland.

MFA Falmouth

Since September 2021 I’ve been producing experimental paintings for my MFA. Concepts include positive and negative space, voids and the colour black. So far I’ve completed a project proposal for the two years and devised and delivered a collaborative project with my local community. The collaboration explored how to involve my audience in process, decision making, accepting support, recommendations and help, something I’ve previously vehemently avoided.

I decided to remove all previous work from my website but if you want to find out about my practice history you know where to go. I decided I needed a fresh start and reminders of my previous practise were just getting in the way.

My current practice is experimental, the work you will see posted here will be in constant transition as the MFA is throwing up so many challenges that I find a new direction almost every day, which is wonderful considering the rut I found my self last year.

I hope you enjoy my progress through the next couple of years and please let me know how you feel about my work as I want to continue with embracing audience participation and suggestion