Become a Patron

Calling all friends, students, family and comrades, 

I am now on Patreon,

I am starting on a new path and offering painting tutorials (as well as other things) on Patreon and would like to invite you to become my Patron.

Patreon allows me to connect directly with you and enables me to offer different levels of rewards in return for your support like traceable, prints, reference photos, exclusive live demonstrations, creative  updates and of course tutorials. After a year of providing free YouTube tutorials and Master Classes I’ve become overwhelmed by admin and have asked Patreon to take the reins and deal with the admin (leaving me with more time to work directly with you).

Once you sign up, as well as receiving rewards and tutorials your support will also help those who can’t afford to pay or be a Patron by continuing to provide basic YouTube tutorials for free. Support the creative Karma, people. 

When you become a patron you will receive a monthly tutorial covering different mediums including  watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, pastels and more. You will also be able to join me on my creative path, follow me as I embark on my MA in painting at Falmouth University and receive regular updates on what I’m up to creatively, direct from The Last Gallery Studio here in Wales.

Have a look at the different Tiers on offer and decide which one is for you, (there is added VAT on memberships). If you have any further questions about your Patreon please email me at

Thank you so much for considering becoming a patron, I really appreciate the support!

Check out my current tutorials here

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